Why Craft Beer is expensive? Because it is
  • Brewed using high quality malt and hops
  • Short shelf life product due to the absence of post-fermentation treatment to tamper with the freshness (no filtration, no pasteurisation, no chemicals)
  • Brewed in small batches
  • Flavourful fresh natural beer.
Why Craft Beer has less gas in it?  Craft Beer is by design not as highly carbonated as industrial beer because
  • Gas prevents taste buds from appreciating full flavour in craft beer.
  • It makes you feel more bloated.
  • Contrary to popular belief, gas has nothing to do with beer flavour and freshness.
Why one brew of Craft Beer becomes lighter over time?

Because it is “LIVE” Beer (as opposed to dead industrial beers) and it undergoes aging process.

i. The older the beer, the lighter.

ii. The younger the beer, cloudier and thicker.

We don’t know yet. We started with three and currently we are making 10 of us. We will be making more new flavours. Please note there are over a few dozen different styles and thousands of flavours of beers.

List of beer styles

100 Craft Beers you have to drink

What are the cities where Burbrit beer is currently available?

Please click here to find out cities and outlets carrying Burbrit Craft Beer.

Why Burbrit Brewery is so far from the city?
  • Because brewing is manufacturing process and our factory needs to be in an industrial zone to comply with local rules and regulations.
  • Despite that, it is the closest to downtown Yangon compared to all other breweries.
  • Yes. We deliver our craft beer in bottles and growlers to locations in central Yangon. Please SMS or call 09 950 962 119.
  • Delivery fees range from 2000Ks to 4000Ks depending on location. For order exceeding Kyat 100,000, delivery fee is waived. Deposit is refundable when you return the bottles/growlers at our brewery or at our next delivery.
  • Please place your order before the cut-off time 9pm for guaranteed next-day delivery. Orders placed after 9 pm will be dispatched on the following working day. Unfortunately, no delivery on Sunday.
  • Please note Burbrit Craft Beer needs to be refrigerated at all time.
  • Yes, it is cheaper to order our beer home than drink at bars or restaurants. Bars and restaurants need to mark up for rental and salary on beer price.
Why Burbrit as a brand name?
  • The founders of Burbrit wanted to coin a new brand name for the first craft beer in Myanmar and they ended up with Burbrit.
  • Burbrit is a word made out of Burma and Britain for the following reasons.
    • i. It celebrates the fact that beer was first brought to what was called Burma by the British in the 19th century. British also built the first brewery in Myanmar.
    • ii. It also recognizes the countries of birth of the founders.
    • iii. It goes well with our tagline “Brewing Burma’s Best”.
What is the difference between Craft Beer and Industrial Beer?
  • Industrial beers are mainly lagers produced in large quantity and treated (filtration and/or pasteurization and/or chemical additions) to withstand room temperature for a long period of time. Industrial brewers’ aim is to produce reasonably good beer at affordable price for the mass.
  • Craft beers are mainly ales produced in small batches with no post fermentation treatment (no filtration, no pasteurization, no chemicals). Craft Beer is “LIVE” and freshness is the most important feature. Craft brewers’ aim is to brew high quality, natural and flavorful beers for discerning taste.